Asbestos risk – synthetic vitreous fibers

Personal health

The presence of materials containing asbestos (asbestos roofing, piping tanks, insulation, etc.), involves the risk of dispersion of carcinogenic fibers in the air and in the soil. There are also materials based on synthetic vitreous fibers (SVF), including refractory ceramic fibers (RCF), classified as carcinogenic. The risks that can arise for people’s health are a cause for concern.

Consulenze Ambientali provides the following services for the control of this risk factor:

  • Environmental investigations on exposure to airborne fibers (asbestos/SVF/RCF)
  • Mapping of the presence of materials containing asbestos and SVF/RCF
  • Assessment of the state of conservation of asbestos cement roofs and other materials containing asbestos.


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